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Elizabeth Trott

Elizabeth TrottI was born to Lois & David Morgan at the Lydia Beynon Maternity Hospital, Newport, Gwent, South Wales (now part of the Celtic Manor Resort) in a very wintery March 1963.

The youngest of two children, brought up in a very loving, busy, Christian household in a village called Chapel of Ease. My family at home consisted of parents, older brother, cousin and Grandfather, who pastored the local Pentecostal Church in Abercarn. We were part of a close community, during a time when front doors were left open and unlocked, family, neighbours and friends would just knock the door, call out and walk in.

As a child I attended West End Primary School, then its replacement at Chapel of Ease.

I went to Chapel regularly with my family and attended a local Sunday school. Aged 9 my father took over as Pastor of our Chapel. At 11 years old, I moved on to Comprehensive School.

Growing up I was encouraged to and loved reading. I was introduced to and read Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Forest Series, The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and others.

I also thoroughly enjoyed reading Asterix by Goscinny and Uderzo and Herges Adventures of Tintin. All so different and very enjoyable.

At 13 years old I became a Christian (I asked Jesus into my heart and life). Life has never been the same since.

During the last year at Comprehensive School, Nigel and I started courting. Nigel became a Christian a year later. After spending many hours together over 3 years, Nigel asked me to marry him and then did the daunting task of asking my parents, who gladly gave their permission.

My first job was as Clerical Assistant from October 1979 until February 1987 for the National Coal Board, Llanishen, Cardiff.

In October 1983 Nigel and I were married by my father on gloriously sunny, cold day.

We have since been blessed with two sons born in June 1987 and February 1990. During their school years, I became involved with the Parents Association, then a School Governor.

From 1997 – 2010 I worked for my Local Council, firstly as a Part Time Library Assistant, then as a Clerical Assistant. My parents were a great help looking after our sons. In between life changed.

In 1998 I started to write God inspired Poetry through what I’d seen, heard and felt.  In 2009, by the Grace of God, support, encouragement of my amazing husband, sons, family and friends that I’ve made it this far, and gone on to have these poems published.

A Pocketful of Love are Poems about personal feelings, thoughts and emotions during different times in my life. They’ve been inspired by what I’ve either seen, heard and experienced; when I’ve felt frustrated, angry, sad, elated, excited or just absolutely amazed and in wonder at what God has created and done in my life.

A Pocketful of Love is my first book and a learning experience where self-publishing and publishing is concerned. I still have trouble believing I actually wrote them and they’re in book form! I had a great time writing them. I still thoroughly enjoy writing Poetry. If asked would I consider another book? The answer would be Yes. God hasn’t stopped inspiring me.

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