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End of July; and it’s been a fairly busy month again! Looking back through my diary I can see why. A lot of usual da
Ny to day things we need to do with a few more exciting things happening too.

My husband has been in his new job for 8 weeks now. He’s getting used to it and has been doing overtime as well. God has really Blessed him (us) with having a Full Time job and a regular wage coming in.

I’m out most days of the week now, which is more than when we lived on the middle of a hill in South Wales. If Mum and I want to go into town, we can. The bus stops outside our house, both ways, waits patiently for us to get either on or off, wheelchair bags and all!    Prayer Meeting I’m picked up by friends, stowing wheeled walker in the car boot car. Link Group we go as a family, Bibles, paraphernalia and all. Friday - Ladies Coffee Morning. They’re a fab lot, who are very supportive and encouraging others.

MS Group is another thing in itself!! We meet do various exercises under supervision of the physiotherapists, who try to keep some sort of order!!! Coffee is always the most welcome time. We try and support each other, but always have fun, which is very important.

Let’s see what else! Reports for the other equipment were sent in. We’ve been financially assessed for a level access shower and a stair lift. The bathroom has been measured and photographed ready for the Costing’s to be sent to the council. The stairs have been measured by two different companies; ready for the Costing’s to be sent for that as well. We just have to wait and see what the Councils decision will be.

Visit to the MS Nurse who seemed quite happy with me by the time we finished my appointment. MRI result on my spine showed just one or two very small areas highlighted, but that was nothing to worry about and isn’t having an impact on my life at the moment. As far as I’m concerned it isn’t going to for a very long time either!!!

In the middle we’ve been  to a family wedding nr. Oxford.  Journey there was great, so was the Hotel. The bride and groom look wonderful. The journey back via Salisbury Plain took longer! We went past Stonehenge and everyone slows down there to take a look at the view. oh and there were just a few hold ups due to road works. No! Not Stonehenge itself for the joker out there!

Who said “life was boring”! Think they definitely got that one wrong.

ENGAGE Torbay Church –our “Home from home”. The ENGAGE Torbay Youth (ETY)  started a Youth Work “New Era” being held every other Friday. ETY have already seen God working there with 3 young people responding and making commitments to Live for God. Amazing, they’ve only held three meetings that’s one a week. This shows that God is moving here and in Britain. Welsh Out Pouring at Victory UK Church, Cwmbran is on-going.

Back in Wales: The house is on the market, with some some interest in it. Our sons are doing really well, getting on with their lives, as they should. We phone each other and see how we’re all doing, but not too often! NOT being over protective parents, after all, they are young adults. Family and friends are there and supporting them when and if they need it.  Imminent arrival of a new great nephew or niece is awaited with baited breathe.

Isn’t communication an amazing thing. Though we live in different parts of Britain, we still talk to each other and catch up at family events. We’re still a Family who LOVE Each Other, communicate well and here when we’re needed and not. God is Blessing Us, with Exciting times ahead for All.



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